Next Weeknight Course Dates

  • October

    • What:

      3 Week Course

    • When:

      Tuesdays - 7th, 14th & 28th Oct 2014

    • Where:

      Lumen, London, WC1V 3RP

    • Price:


Weeknight Course Information

Event Format & Size
- 3 x 2 hour course sessions - over 3 week period
- 15 attendees (maximum)

Benefits of the Course
Over the courses three sessions you will learn:

  • How to achieve good quality sleep every night
  • How to sleep naturally without being reliant on medication
  • The essential tools needed to free yourself from your insomnia for good

The course allows for the tools and techniques to be practiced between sessions and to ask for guidance how to use them.

What to expect
- The Sleep School approach delivered live across its 5 essential steps
- A mix of educational presentation, discussion and teaching by Dr. Guy Meadows
- A stimulating environment to learn both about sleep and your insomnia

Who the Courses are for
Whether you have had your insomnia for 4 weeks or 40 years - we can help
Our courses are for anyone who:

  • Struggles to get to sleep, maintain sleep, wakes up too early or does not sleep
  • Has become reliant on pills, potions and props to sleep
  • Can’t stop their mind racing or night-time anxiety levels rising

100% Client Recommended
100% of our 2012 & 2013 Workshop & Course attendees said they would either . . .

  • ‘Highly Recommend'
  • ‘Recommend’

. . . our events to other Insomniacs.

Post-Course Support
- The Sleep School's Workbook
- Support Emails 2, 4 & 6 weeks
- Access to audio tools & exercises

What you will learn
- Why your insomnia started and what might be keeping it fuelled
- The truth about sleep and the unhelpful myths that surround it
- How to calm your racing mind, let go of thoughts that tell you that won’t sleep and urges that drive you to take pills or potions

What you will NOT be told to do
- Delve into your past or give your life story to complete strangers
- Drink warm milk before going to bed (unless you want to!)
- Get out of bed in the middle of night to do something boring

Feedback from the end of our last Course - Tuesday, 25th March 2014

Once again, 100% of our attendees said they would either "Highly Recommended'' or ''Recommended'' our courses to other insomniacs. Here are a few of their comments:

"Freed me of the tyranny of what I ‘should’ be doing to sleep.” - Andrew

“I was delighted that the focus was on the way we think about insomnia and counteract anxiety and not on sleep rules– treating the cause not the symptoms.” - Alex

“Opened my mind to why my own mind is doing! Gave me some hope that I can get my “normal” sleep back!” - Steve

“Engaging, professional, clearly Guy knows his subject– not bogus!” - Steve M.

“Very helpful. Also comforting to meet other insomniacs and share experiences.” - Teresa