Global FMCG leader

How the Sleep School helped the R&D team of one of the world’s largest FMCG companies to perform better during the day by sleeping well at night.

To improve the night time sleep quality and daytime resilience of a high pressured team working across multiple time zones.

Employees were supplied with a series of live onsite weekly events over a three-month period. Core events focused on enhancing employee night time sleep quality, daytime resilience and the ability to switch off at the end of the day. Additional events covered how to effectively manage Jet lag, how to overcome work stress and anxiety, as well as the challenges of being a new parent on getting a good night’s sleep. All employees were provided with The Sleep School’s Professional App offering them digital support to all the tools learnt during the live events, when they need it most.

After 3 months of training employees reported an:
• 88% improvement in their ability to get good quality sleep  
• 83% improvement in their ability to manage stress
• 83% improvement in their ability to switch off and detach from work after work